Transition is located outside the swimming pool. It is a short distance from poolside to your bike.

You will not be able to enter transition without showing your race numbers and having your bike sticker on your bike. This is for security reasons. Please use the main entrance to put your bike and equipment into transition. You will need to place any race equipment (e.g. bike, cycle/run shoes, etc.) in your ‘bay’ in transition – please ensure this does not hinder other competitors.

No bags or kit boxes can be left in the transition area. Please use a towel and place your kit on this.

Any bags you have can be placed at the side of the area or pass them to a friend or relative.

Only competitors may enter this area, for security reasons. Please find your race number marked on the relevant bay, and rack your bike and place equipment at this spot. Please be mindful of other competitors who are already competing. It is recommended that you walk through and familiarise yourself with the routes to/from your bay from/to the entrances and exits of transition prior to starting the race. Remember to leave your bike in a low enough gear, ready for the cycle section. Reminder: there is no cycling in transition – mount/dismount your bike at the mount/dismount point.

Berkhamsted Triathlon Transition Diagram