SWIM START TIMES_2018 (approx)

400m (16 lengths) Indoor 8-lane swimming pool of 25m length.

Berkhamsted Triathlon Swim RouteFormat is a lane start of one competitor starting approximately 30 seconds apart. Once the competitors have completed the first two lengths in lane one they will move to the second lane and so forth through the eight lanes. NO DIVING INTO THE POOL. Do not change your start time. Please note we will do our best to keep to your allocated start time, however, where other competitors have underestimated their swim times, this can cause delays – we hope this does not happen! If you need to overtake another competitor during your swim, please follow the normal etiquette of tapping them gently on the foot, and overtaking at the next available end. If you are tapped on the foot by another competitor, please allow them to pass you when you reach the end of that length of the pool. Tumble turns are permitted – if you are not doing a tumble turn then just touch the wall at the end of the lane with your hand.

You must climb out of the pool; you cannot use the steps.

Leave the pool with care, it may be slippery, via the emergency exit, into transition.